Thursday, September 1, 2016

Lighthouse, Nature Preserve and More September 1, 2016

I have been staying home many days because of the high heat and humidity, so when I realized  that some lower temps were coming, I decided to do a day trip today.  I asked Pam and she wanted to accompany me, so we met up at my house this morning.

I really wanted to turn around a DNF at the Oak Orchard Lighthouse in Point Breeze, so our first stop was there.  Unfortunately, we did not find it.

We did find a letterbox under the main part of the lighthouse.  I just could not get down on my hands and knees and crawl under the ramp, so we left without finding it.  We did enjoy the view of the lake and piers and the geese.  

 We  then went to the supposed location of another cache hide, but I must have put the coords in wrong, since it was not a location where we could search.

We decided to have our picnic lunch at Lakeside Beach State Park.  It is a beautiful park.  I took a few pictures

and then we found our way back to Route 18 and headed west.  We stopped at am Amish roadside stand and I purchased an acorn squash.

We located the Robin Hill Nature Preserve in Lyndonville.  Since their is NO sign, it was a bit difficult and we felt a bit out of place when we walked onto the privste property.  It is a wonderful place with lots of beautiful trees, a nice pond, etc.  

this particular tree is actually seems like two  trees.  

And then we decided to go to Hojacks for ice cream.  This is the first time I noticed this structure behind the playground.  Pam said it is a remnant from when the Hojack line came through the area.

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