Friday, September 16, 2016

DAY 3 of Rome/Old Forge Trip (Sept. 15, 2016)

After an extremely long and exhausting day yesterday, I suggested to Leslie that we try to make today shorter.  We got ready and headed out.  We found a few geocaches in the Rome area, including one at a really neat cemetery, the LINK CEMETERY on Link Road.

and one hidden at Griffis Air Force Base on a huge bomber:  
We headed up the west end of Delta Lake towards Delta Lake State Park, but along the way we decided to stop at the Rome Fish Hatchery. 

It was very interesting.  Leslie took this opportunity to eat her lunch at one of their picnic tables (I had been eating crackers and pretzels off and on in the car all morning).   

We got into the state park free since it was off season.  Leslie asked for a map.  She is doing challenge geocaches in the New York State Park.  The first few were easy, and then we came to two more difficult ones.  I sat those out while she looked.  I took a brief nap which revived me.

We drove back to the other end of the lake but did a bit of exploring on the way.  We went up to the NICE AND EASY so Leslie could get something for supper and I used their wifi to program in a few of the geocaches we found.  

After getting back to the camp, we decided to take a walk down to the beach.  We sat on the beach for a while and talked
This day indeed was shorter and easier than the day before but I was still worn out and read for a while before turning my light out at about eight thirty p.m.

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