Friday, September 16, 2016

Day Two of Rome/Old Forge Trip (September 14, 2016)

Leslie and I headed towards Old Forge early this morning.  Our first stop was to find BLUE LINE geocache, at the entrance to the Adirondack Park.
   This was number 999 for me!  

The next one we parked at would have been ONE THOUSAND, but I refused to climb up that steep hill (full of bushes, shrubs, weeds and small trees) so we moved on.  After a couple of DNFs we got to  THEN/FORGE at the entrance to an interesting looking trail in Old Forge.  So, this one was my ONE THOUSANDTH!!!!!  This is the entrance to the Tobie Trail where it is hidden.  
Luckless made this event really special for me.  She made a sign 
and took this picture.  She wrapped up
a miniature golden ammo can that she painted herself
in a series of boxes from small to large. 

In the Village of Old Forge, we went to the Town of Webb Museum (could not find the cache there) and then drove to Eagle Bay 
At a Visitors Center, a woman told me how to find Uncas Road so that we could find the trail to Ferd's Bog.  This is a beautiful trail, but its very rugged and I had to give up after a short walk in.  Leslie continued to the boardwalk where the geocache was hidden, but unfortunately her GPS had lost the coordinates so she could not find it.  She was very disappointed.   I took a few pictures.  

After Ferd's Bog, we continued on Route 28 to the colorful village of Inlet.  We really did not do anything there but I took a few pictures.  

the museum was not open

this is MARY'S PLACE where Mary O'Connor and I stayed eight years ago.  Mary's bakery was, unfortunatey, closed as was her gift shop.

Then we turned around and headed back west on 28.  We drove back through Eagle Bay and then back to Old Forge.  We stopped at the Old Forge Hardware Store, which is not as interesting as it used to be.  I remember it as being a huge, old fashioned hardware store, but now it is more like a gift shop. 
Once we were out of the Adirondack Park, while crossing a river (Moose?) I noticed some huge old remains on the west side of the river.  I decided to try to get to them by turning left on the next road.  That did not work, but we did see this great old building, which looks like a former railroad depot
We continued on the way back towards Rome, going through Boonville.

As we approached the cabin, I suggested we find one or two more geocaches before calling it a day. (We had been disappointed to only find three in the Adirondacks).  We stopped at Lee Town Park and found one. 
and then we found one in a very old cemetery.   
I suggested looking for one more, but Leslie said no to that since it was starting to get dark.  Total finds for the day only FIVE.    We went back to the cabin and relaxed for the rest of the evening.  I think I downloaded my days pictures to my computer.  

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