Friday, September 16, 2016

Day Four of Rome/Old Forge Trip

Leslie and I packed up and cleaned the cottage and headed out on our separate ways.

I stopped in Verona to go to a church garage sale and took this picture of the old hotel across the street from the church:
I continued on and got on the thruway for a short period and then I got off and drove on 5 and 20.  In West Bloomfield, I noticed an interesting small cobblestone building that has been made into a shop
so I stopped and went in.  They have been open two months, it is a very nice place.  I asked the owner (Todd Campbell) about old cemeteries in the area and he pointed me in the direction of the PIONEER CEMETERY right there in West Bloomfield.   I took several pictures.

This cemetery is no longer active.

I continued on 20 for a while and decided to head north at LeRoy and get back on the thruway.  

I arrived home around four p.m.

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