Monday, May 30, 2016

Rambling Around Two Counties with Peggy

Peggy and I decided that today would be a good day to do a lot of geocaching BUT it did not work out that way................

We met up at her place at ten thirty a.m. and we drove some VERY back roads as we headed to Newfane to look for the geocache hidden at Murphy Farms.  We gave up when what we thought was a trail did not work for us but mostly we quit because of the heat and humidity and sun beating down on us.

On the way to Olcott Beach we stopped at the old caboose where we looked for the magnetic geocache hidden on the caboose.  Both of us had looked for it before without any success and we did not get it today, either.

Next stop Olcott Beach where we found a geocache and then in an antique shop where Peggy saw a dollhouse she might like to buy for her collection of dollhouse furniture.  Then we backtracked a bit to a winery

where there is or was a cache hidden, but it may be missing. We sampled a sweet red wine and Peggy purchased a bottle.   And then back to Olcott beach where we enjoyed a picnic lunch of sandwiches and fruit.  We parked near SOME TREES ARE BIGGER THAN OTHERS and Peggy found the geocache which I had found previously.

We headed east along 18 towards Lighthouse Christian Camp.  I thought there was an event going on there today, but I must have had the wrong date.  Peggy showed me around and we visited our friends, Wayne and Sharon,
who have a  great spot there for their trailer.

After that, we continued east a bit more to beyond Golden Hill State Park and took a path past some ruins and found the geocache NOT A BED OF ROSES. It is near these ruins.

 And then we headed back.

Along the way back to Peg and David's house she showed me where some Amish families that she knows live.  And when we got to Seamen Road, we stopped at the Beachy's and she introduced me to Marilyn Beachy and several of her children.  They are all so friendly!

It was a great day!!!!!

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