Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 21, 2016

 This morning I went to ART 24/7 to see a Joe Whalen display.

 He recently passed away.  He was my ninth grade art teacher.  This particular exhibit was of his art that he had given to a friend of his, Paul Hunt.   It was a small exhibit (one room) but I enjoyed.

After running various errands and picking up a few items, I headed towards home.  I saw a yard sale on Niagara Street, so I turned to go to it.

In a FREE BOX, I saw something red, so I pulled it out and found a red bowl in very good condition.  Since my kitchen has red highlights, it would be perfect.  I checked the bottom and found out it was Pyrex, so I rummaged around a bit more and found he yellow one.  Both are in perfect condition, no chips
Since Christa collects PYREX, I took both, and gave the seller a dollar.  It appears that these bowls are two of three pieces.  The larger one is blue (I would really love to find one of those).  They are from around l990, I think.

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