Saturday, May 21, 2016

May 20, 2016 Solo Explorations

I woke up to a gorgeous spring day and decided I MUST spend some time outside.  I knew what I wanted to do...........go to Wilson and look for a place my family vacationed in the fifties.  I couldn't think of anyone who might like to do that, so I decided to head out on my own.

Along the way I saw this for the first time

Pease, A. Douglas, was born in Newfane, N. Y., December 30, 1834, a son of Enoch and Eliza (Douglas) Pease. Enoch Pease was born in Maine, January 12, 1705, and came to Newfane with his parents, where he was reared and educated. He was in the war of 1812 and his house was threatened to be burned, but owing to his kind treatment they were not molested; he was taken prisoner, but was released on account of the kindness of his mother. In 1835 he came to Wilson, where he resided until his death, which occurred in 1887 at the age of ninety two years. His wife was born in New Jersey in 1800 and died in 1849. A. D. Pease was reared on a farm and educated in the common schools and Wilson Collegiate Institute and Lima Seminary, graduating from the scientific course in 1855. He is a farmer and owns 535 acres, 400 where he resides. He is a large fruit grower, having about 125 acres in fruit. September 29, 1859, he married Abigail Sayer (born in Wilson, April 26, 1842), daughter of Jonathan Saver, who came to Wilson and practiced medicine until his death in 1849. Mr. and Mrs. Pease are the parents of seven children: Arthur D., of Wilson: Frances M., wife of Landon N. Bostwick, a lumberman of St. Louis, Mo.; Florence A., deceased; Mary E., wife of Edward Hall, of Youngstown, N. Y.; Howard Enoch, born September 19, 1875, at home; Harvey, deceased; and Edith G., at home. Mr. Pease is a Republican and was supervisor in 1882 and 1883, and served as a member of the Board of Education nine years and president five years. He was for six years trustee of Greenwood Cemetery. Mrs. Pease died February 3, 1897.

Landmarks of Niagara County, New York

I did not have a lot of success finding Harrisons Beach, there is just  NOT a road down to the lake that can be considered anywhere near as long as the road I remember.  However, I may have been searching in the wrong area...........I don't really know where it was.  

I looked for two geocaches.  I must have programmed in the wrong coords for the first one, as it was on a back road with no possible hiding spots.  I had almost zeroed in on the second one when several muggles appeared VERY close by so I abandoned my search.

I had lunch at a neat place in Wilson.  DOWN ON MAIN STREET.
I seated myself in a booth and the waitress yelled over to me "Are you drinking?"   I think she could benefit from some lessons on how to deal with customers.  My BLT was cheap and very good.  

Someone on facebook mentioned remains of a small amusement park on Irish Road, but I could not find them.......I need to try to go before the foliage is on the trees next year.  

On the way back to Lockport I stopped at a couple of yard sales and then at Reid where I had a small twist custard.  

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