Thursday, May 26, 2016

Wednesday May 25th, 2016: Lowertown Adventure

The girls I graduated from high school with in l967 chose Pleasant Valley Tavern for our weekly lunch.  It was a gorgeous day so I decided to head to what we call Lowertown an hour early and take a walk.

I parked across from ART 24/7 and started to walk.  I heard voices inside a building that I had always wondered about, and I also noticed that there were light on inside.
I walked around the area a bit, and noticed a school bus nearby, so I figured it was school children.  I  took a chance and walk in a side door and found what looked like a GREAT museum.  It appeared that there were two classes of elementary age kids.  One group was listening to a lecture and another group was lined up to try a hands on activity.  Nobody seemed to think my presence was out of the ordinary so I walked around the entire first floor, stopping briefly at a couple of exhibits.  Two of the exhibits that stand out in my memory are the UPSON COMPANY exhibit and the exhibit about WESTERN BLOCK.  I noticed that the UPSON COMPANY exhibit said something like FROM FIBERBOARD TO PUZZLE, but they did not have any puzzles on display.

I went over to the building next door which is a place where people book parties and they also offer canal cruises.  I asked a women in the gift shop about the building and the museum and she said it is their Heritage Center.  I mentioned that I have several TUCO PUZZLES and would be happy to donate a few if they would put them on display.  She directed me to the office of MIKE MURPHY, who apparently is in charge of both buildings.  He is very interested in the puzzles and he gave me his card and I will get a few together and call him.  He told me a little bit about the museum.  They do not have enough staff to open it to the public, but school groups come often near the end of the school year. He said the first electric elevator in Lockport is in the building and told me a few other facts tht I cannot recall.  I suggested that when I bring in the puzzles possibly someone might be able to show me the elevator.  He suggested  I come at 9:45 a.m. some morning when school kids are coming in (they ususally come at ten a.m.) and another Mike will be over there setting up and I can ask him about the elevator, etc.  

I still had some time left o I decided to walk across the lift bridge.  While doing so, I spoke with a couple from Denmark.  They said they were enjoying their time in Lockport.  
We were on the bridge chatting when all of a sudden, a clanging sound started and we realized that the bridge would be going up to allow a boat through.  Unfortunately, we headed off in opposite directions!  I would have liked to talk to them a bit more.  

I watched the tourism boat go through and I took this picture of the Danish people on the other side of the canal.  

I was going to climb up into this building to see if my second cousin Daniel Bowler was working.  I really do not know him, but would like to get to know him better.  However, I noticed that it was very close to noon so I decided to go back to my car and cross over the canal and get to PVT.
Lunch at PVT was very nice.  I had the beef on wick and hand cut fries for only $5.75 !!  Most places charge close to twice that much.  

I am really excited about finding that museum, but I guess I should not be telling people about it!

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