Thursday, May 12, 2016

Thursday May 12, 2016 A Half Day of Geocaching !!!

Leslie and I had breakfast at our motel, and then wanted to go to a certain bakery that we had read about on TripAdvisor.  We drove separately, she was using a map and I was using my TomTom.  We both ended up at the same place but there was no bakery, only a dead end street.  So, we headed to the BASS PRO at the mall to find a cache there.  We spent the rest of the morning geocaching, and were very successful.  My favorite was near some locks on the Seneca-Cayuga Canal.
We drove some VERY back roads!
 As we were driving to the last one, I noticed a store which looked like it might be a Mennonite bulk food store, so I stopped there.
 It turned out I was right.  We looked around and purchased a sub to split.  We drove back to the refuge where Leslie had left her car and had a picnic lunch.

We set out on our separate ways (me to the west and Leslie to the east) at right around two p.m.  I stopped in Canandaigua for a vanilla cone at ABBOTT'S FROZEN CUSTARD (it was outstanding), and then got on the thruway.

I arrived home, pretty worn out,  at 5:10 p.m. to find Peggy in the middle of preparing supper. (fresh cod).

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