Wednesday, June 8, 2016

SANBORN FARM MUSEUM and more on June 8th, 2016

Elaine and I decided a few days ago to go to the Sanborn Farm Museum today.  This morning was very chilly and windy, but we decided to continue with our plans since the museum consists of several buildings and we would be inside most of the time.  We agreed to go out to lunch first.  Our first thought was to go to HOOVER'S DAIRY RESTAURANT, but we decided to go to WAGNERS FARM MARKET on Lockport Road first to see what produce was available.  We each purchased some items and then decided to have lunch in the small diner run by Wagner's.  Elaine had the special which was some sort of macaroni and cheese with chicken in it and I had the beef on weck and a piece of blueberry pie.  We were both happy with our lunch, and also were pleased with the low prices. 

Then we headed back towards Sanborn and the museum BUT as we were driving north on Ward Road, we noticed that the antiques and collectible store where the general store used to be was open, so we stopped so we could check it out.
Actually, the one story attached building on the left was a hardware store and the larger two story building was a general/grocery store.  The two stores are really one now, you enter through the old hardware store and there is an opening to go to the other store.  Many vendors have spots here, with a HUGE variety of items. Elaine found a few items and I did, also. 
Harold was running the shop today, he is very friendly.

When we got to the SANBORN FARM MUSEUM, we were given a private tour by Paul.
there is a stuffed TWO HEADED CALF!!
but that is the only oddity.....the rest of the museum features antiques that represent farming and home living. 

the barn is chock full of old farming equipment and items. 
All in all it was a great afternoon.  Elaine is a lot of fun to be with! 

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