Saturday, May 2, 2015

Victorian Tea and Basket Raffle at the UCC Church in Lockport, New York 5/1/15

I reserved a table for eight.....Bonnie and two of her friends, Elaine and Becky (my cousin) and Barb and at the last minute, Peggy decided to join we filled the eight seats. We got to meet Bonnies pastor, who is leaving for another pastorate in about a month

The tea was great!  Punch, tea, sandwiches, all sorts of deserts!

They had around 175 baskets and they were really good ones.  Becky won two baskets and Peggy won a basket and two gift certificates!  Barb and I didn't win anything.  The other ladies left before the numbers were drawn, so they may get phone calls telling them they won.

Between eating and the drawing, Barb, Peggy and I went to the library where they were wrapping up their spring book sale.  We each paid two dollars and filled a grocery bag!

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