Saturday, May 30, 2015


Heart and Hands held an event in Akron, NY today.  Becky picked me up and we went together.  The event involved a real life game of CLUE.  The event started in Russell Park (which is kind of like a village green)
 here is the registration center. 
We went from location to location and collected clues about who, where and what weapon was used.  When we figured it out, we turned our answers in at a central location and then we headed to the American Legion for the rest of the event. 

I bought twenty dollars worth of tickets for the basket raffle and ten dollars for the special items raffle.  I put all of my tickets on ONE basket, and I won it. 
it has two of my favorite movies in it:  THE GOONIES and DIRTY DANCING.  The other movie is LIL RASCALS.  The rest is candy and popcorn. 
The meal was provided by Orazio's, an Italian restaurant in Clarence, NY.  It was delicious especially the eggplant parmesan. 
They did a skit that told the story of the murder and how it was solved.  It turned out that the murder victim was not really dead (that's her in the red sweater and black slacks).
It was a very good event and both Becky and I enjoyed it.  Becky also won a basket with a few bottles of wine and some other items in it. 

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