Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Wilson Adventure

Every Wednesday I get together with several girls who were in my graduating class (LSHS 1967). We go out to lunch at a different restaurant each time we meet up.  Today, Elaine and I drove together.  We stopped to check out a brewery in Wilson but the restaurant had not opened up yet. We met up with the others  at THE WILSON HOUSE, in Wilson, NY.  Although this is the first time I have eaten there, I took pictures of this place a few years ago when Peggy and I found a geocache nearby.  The Wilson House also offers rooms to rent.  It is in a very old  building that used to be a school.

Lunch was great!  Many of us ordered off of the lunch special menu.  There were several choices and I chose the Chicken Finger Parmesan with Spaghetti and Garlic Toast.  The price was around six dollars.  

After lunch, Elaine and I headed back to Lockport.  Our first stop was at
CMC AUTOMOTIVE REPAIR just down the street from the Wilson House.  Elaine's  message center had given her a message that a tire was low, so we asked the owner to check that for us.  He checked it and put some air in the tire that was low.  I noticed that there were several vintage items around the shop office, so I asked if I might be able to take a few pictures. and he consented.   

He checked the air pressure and found that one tire was indeed low, so he filled it and did not charge.  

We continued on our way and watched for a bakery that I had seen on the way to Wilson.  We found it!  It is E. Antonio's Bakery.  We met E. Antonio (the E stands for Edward or Eddie)
and talked with Eddie for a while and we both bought a package of assorted biscotti.  I think Eddie said he has been baking in that same location for 20 some years.  His specialty is CURLY ITALIAN BREAD.  He is holding a loaf of it in the pic.  He also makes tomato pie, but you have to order it ahead.  (I plan to do that someday).

      I didn't think I even liked biscotti, but Eddie's biscotti is just SO delicious!   Here is info for future reference:  3285 Wilson Cambria Rd, Wilson, NY 14172
(716) 751-9196.

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