Saturday, May 9, 2015


Today at the Iroquois National Wildlife Refuge, they were offering a WILDFLOWER WALK.  Elaine and I had decided to go together a few days ago, but all of a sudden May got terribly hot and we were concerned that we would not enjoy a hike in the woods in such hot temperaturesWe decided to brave it anyways and met up at my house and headed out towards ENWR.  We arrived a few minutes early and went into the Visitor Center to use the restroom.  I borrowed a pair of binoculars from the front desk.  

The small group (I think 12 people, including a couple of young boys) gathered in the conference room and our leader (Kathy) talked about what we could expect to see and experience.  Then we caravaned behind her out to the ONONDAGA trailhead. I think  this was the same trail that we went on the night I went on the OWL PROWL, a couple of weeks ago.

We walked the trail, stopping to look at flowers and snakes, birds and bugs.  It kept getting hotter and hotter.  A couple of people dropped out of the hike early on. When we reached the Y in the trail, I told Elaine that I had had enough and was going to go back to the parking area and wait in the car. She said she was ready to go, also.  We walked back to the car.   We saw two Canada Geese  in a swampy area, so stopped to take pictures.  

We drove back to the Visitors Center to return the binoculars and headed back towards Lockport.  We stopped at OLEARS Mini-Mart on the Chestnut Ridge  for lunch.  We split a toasted beef sub (it was really good) and then we had ice cream cones.  

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