Saturday, June 6, 2015

66th Birthday Adventure: June 5. 2015

Peggy wanted to do something special for my 66th birthday.  She invited our sister in law Janie, our cousin Becky, our other sister Gail and four of my friends for a dinner at DeFlippo's.   Elaine, Barb, Chickie and MaryAnn were the friends  invited.  Chick threw her back out a day or so ago and was unable to come.  Janie begged off because of her fathers hospitalization. 
Betty and Peggy
Peggy and Gail
Elaine, Becky and Mary Ann.

I wasn't expecting any presents, but everyone brought one
Peggy: charm bracelet and money for a charm
Betty: $20.00
Becky: mug and flashlight
Mary Ann: small photo album
Elaine: cookbook
Gail: gift certificate for Gordy Harpers
Barb: non flame candle

I had the stuffed shells with two meatballs.  It was delicious.  Peggy brought a pound of Italian cookies from Molinaro's which we passed around and everyone loved them!
We all had a great time.

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