Thursday, October 16, 2014

Williamsville Adventure

Betty and I planned a daytrip to Williamsville a few weeks ago, but she became ill and was unable to go.  Finally, TODAY worked out for both of us to go.  We met up at my house around 9:30 a.m. and headed out.  Once we got to Williamsville, we looked for signs to Glen Falls Park, but didn't see any, so we had to stop and ask.  We finally found the park and a place to park my car.  The first thing we did in the park was stop to admire some ducks in a lovely pond.
Then we looked at the creek and falls from several places and took a lot of pictures.  
We made it up to Main Street where we checked out a few shops.  I think Betty liked TEN THOUSAND VILLAGES as much as I did.  I bought four small baskets to use as Christmas gifts.  
A few more things seen on Main Street: 


A woman at a gift shop recommended two restaurants.  Eagle House and Creekside Cafe.  We went to the Creekside Cafe and had one of the specials.  I  think it was called the Turkeylater (or something like that).....turkey, stuffing and cranberry mayo on grilled sourdough with sweet potato fries on the side.  It was great.  
Then we walked back down Main Street and went behind the library where there is a bridge to another park ISLAND PARK.    There are some great views of Ellicott Creek.
Betty had half of her sandwich left so we stopped in Glen Falls Park again and fed the ducks.   I swear they would have climbed up on our laps if we would have let them.  
On the way back to Lockport, we stopped at Andersons for a frozen was a great day.  

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