Friday, October 24, 2014


Megan and the kids and I headed to Syracuse this morning in order to meet up with Mike and Tina at DESTINY USA.  We stopped at TIM HORTONS on the Transit and picked up breakfast sandwiches, drinks and some small donuts and headed on our way.  It was a 2.5 hour drive.

We did some shopping.  I got a pair of slippers.  The kids got several items including hats, gloves, slippers, socks and pajamas.  We went to THE APPLE STORE, which was a new experience for me.  I believe the goal of this store is for people to see and try out new technology.

We had lunch at PIZZERIA UNO a restaurant at the end of the food court.  It was VERY GOOD!

We left Mike and Tina about 3:15.  I took this "family picture" before leaving:
When we got back to Lockport, we called Peg and made arrangements for her to pick up pizza and bring it to my house.  We all had supper together.  The kids wanted to go to LAKE EFFECT ICE CREAM, but settled for Edy's Ice Cream and homemade peanut butter cookies.  

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