Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Geocaching, Sand Pits and more: October 28, 2014

What a great day Chickie and I had today It was a gorgeous fall day, with temperatures in the 70's....a perfect day for outside activities.  I picked Chick up in the morning and we headed out and found four local geocaches:  CLOSE TO HOME (at the Kenan Center, DEER CROSSING (at Kibler Park), CONIFERINAE I (along the canal near Widewaters) and JUST ONE MORE (also along the canal, involving a .4 mile hike each way to get to it.

After that hike, Chickie asked me if I was familiar with the Sand Pits.  I had heard of them, but never been to them, as far as I can recall.  She showed me how to get to them.  We found them and parked outside the entrance and walked in.
 We had barely made it in when a guy in a huge piece of excavating equipment drove up from one direction and a car entered where we parked  and came towards us from the other direction.
 Both vehicles stopped right where we were!  Apparently, they didn't care that we were there.  The guy on the huge piece of equipment owns the property, and we all chatted for a few minutes before Chickie and I walked out.

By then it was lunchtime and I asked Chickie for suggestions.  She suggested Scapelleti's.  At first,  I was disappointed to see that it was nothing more than a large  convenience store, but it turned out to be a nice spot for lunch.  We shared a steak sub, which was very good.  I would not hesitate to eat here again.

After that I suggested that we locate the TOWN OF LOCKPORT NATURE TRAILS
on Slayton Settlement Road.  Chick knew how to get there BUT we were talking and we  passed it and drove several miles out of our way in the direction of Gasport, and had to turn around and look for it again.

It was a glorious day for a hike in the woods (along nice trails).
 Unfortunately, there were not any trail maps available and the red, blue and yellow trails were not marked, but we took our chances.

It was a good thing we met up with a family who was also on their way out, because we were not exactly sure which turn in the trail we had taken to get to where we went!

Before leaving, we hid a geocache outside the entrance to the trails.  Then we headed back to Chick's house where I dropped her off.

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