Thursday, October 9, 2014

DONUT Adventure!!!!!

Janie wanted to introduce me to two of her favorite places, so we met up this morning  at my house and headed south on the Transit.  First stop : Mayer Brothers CIDER MILL in West Seneca, New York.  Janie bought two boxes of donuts (I think one half dozen in each box) and I bought two cider donuts to take with me.
Then it was on to Paula's Donuts in Williamsville, NY.   I really had never heard of this place until Janie mentioned it.  But since I never met a donut I didn't like, I was willing to check it out.

Paula's Donuts (inside) looks a lot like an old time diner.  There was such a wide variety to choose from so I started with a peanut stick.  It was good, but not as good as the peanut sticks from DeCamillo's.  I ate half of it and decided I had to have a cream filled donut.  So, I went up and got myself one.  

I should have taken a picture of it, because it was so full of cream, that it was spilling out all over the place.  This was the best donut I have ever had.  

 I hope to go again soon!

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