Saturday, October 13, 2012

10/13/2012 gathering/geocaching/etc.

A bunch of us met up at the field house at Thayer Farm  between Cooperstown and Springfield, on the west side of Otsego Lake at nine a.m. this morning.  Shortly later, we carpooled and took off for Judd Falls in Cherry Valley, New York to look for gpsbarb's golden ammo can.  She recently completed finding 1000 geocaches, and when this happens, other geocachers often hide a golden ammo to honor it.  LCSM and I had not found an old cache there, so we looked for and found that one first, and then all of us
(about twelve, I think) headed down the trail for this two part geocache, which gpsbarb found.

Then we piled into vehicles and headed back to the Glimmerglass Opera House where Team-Ducky's
golden ammo can was hidden.  This was a seven part cache, with a unique ending.  Between the two hikes, it was really a workout.

Then it was back to the Thayer Farm where Bill cooked burgers and ribs on the grill while the rest of us
made our own duckie, and then we all shared in a dish to pass lunch.  Chef Ducky's apple walnut cake was outstanding, as was Mr. Science's sausage bread.

Leslie and I were the first to leave, around three p.m., since I had agreed to meet up with Carol to go to Norwich for ColorFest.  However, I cancelled out, since I was so worn out from the day.  

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