Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Delhi Afternoon Adventure

After work, I met up with Connie at Home Depot so that I could drive her to Delhi to pick up the ashes of her dog, Pea-Dee, who was euthanized last week due to severely advanced cancer.  As soon as we got to Delhi, we decided to have lunch and we went to TUNA 3, a small Japanese restaurant.  The meal was good, but the kitchen was having some kind of issue today, and it took a long time for our food to arrive.  The California roll was outstanding.   
     After that I took Connie to THE HEART OF THE CATSKILLS so she could pick up the urn and ashes.  She said she wanted to stay and visit the dogs, so I went to the nearby Delaware County Historical Museum while she did that.  I was told when I arrived that the buildings were closed down for the winter, but the woman working the desk offered to open them up for me.  I thoroughly enjoyed going in the buildings and taking pictures.  Here are a few:  
  The larger building on the right is a small blacksmith shop.  
And this is a toll gate building.  
     After using the rest room at the museum, I went back to HEART OF THE CATSKILLS, where Connie was waiting for me.  I suggested we take a drive down the road to see Fitch's Covered Bridge and the old church there.  She agreed, and off we went.  Then we went back downtown to check out an art gallery we saw earlier.  We thoroughly enjoyed meeting Rachel, the owner and manager of  an art and framing shop.  She told us about a bookstore down the street that offers great baked goods, so off we headed.   We stopped to check out a Vintage Clothing Shop, but it is closed on Tuesdays.  

Our last stop was at the Blue Bee Cafe and Steinway Books Blue Bee Cafe and Steinway Books in Delhi, New York by JuneNYwhich is a delightful small shop, which Rachel from the art store told us about. We each bought a cupcake and looked around.  And then we headed for Oneonta.  It was a fun afternoon!

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