Monday, November 12, 2012

Bainbridge/Sidney Geocaching Adventure

We have been having some very nice (warm and sunny) November days, so I asked Leslie if she was free and if she might be interested in doing some geocaching.  She responded that she did want to go and we decided to go to Bainbridge, where some new geocaches have been placed.

We met up at her house at 9:30 a.m. and headed out.  We stopped first in Unadilla to look for a micro at the UNADILLA DRIVE-IN.  Leslie found it and we moved on.  Next, we looked for DON'T BARK UP THE WRONG TREE at the Sidney Fishing Access.  We were unable to find this one.  Leslie had found it a while back, and she checked the spot where it used to be and it was gone.  We looked all over the area, thinking maybe it fell out of its spot and might be on the ground, but no luck.

Then we headed to Bainbridge, where Leslie found CLINTON RE-REDUX, an elusive cache hidden in a very different type of spot.  Then we found several more geocaches in Bainbridge. One was hidden in a parking lot, and there we saw this car:   Then we had lunch at BOB'S DINER.  We both had patty melts.  Then we found two more Bainbridge area geocaches.  I suggested we look for a one room schoolhouse on Searles Road that I had heard about, so we did look, but we did not find it.  We did find this small cemetery which I think is in the Yaleville area.  Then we  headed back towards Oneonta.

We stopped in Sidney to find 3rd on my 33rd, which was hidden in the parking area of a shopping center.

Another stop in Otego, where I found TRUCKERS DREAM SPOT, and then we headed back to Oneonta.

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