Wednesday, October 3, 2012


what a day!!! I worked all morning at FSA and a little while before quitting time, my friend Connie called. She told me that her dog, PeaDee was euthanized yesterday, a few days after being diagnosed with a very invasive, fast moving cancer. She asked me if I would drive her out to Delhi to the place where they do cremations. I agreed and we met up at Home Depot, and then we went to the Oneonta Veterinary, where we picked up PeaDee. We went to Delhi to the Veterinary place there, and dropped him off for cremation. It was a difficult trip both ways for Connie, since she loved her dog dearly. She had only had him a few months, after rescuing him from an abusive household.

I arrived home about forty minutes before I had to leave to meet up with Carol in Morris to go to a Harvest Dinner at the Presbyterian Church in Gilbertsville. The dinner was great! (turkey, stuffing, real mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, squash and pie for desert). After that, we decided to walk around Gilbertsville a little bit, hoping to walk off some of those calories.

Right near where we were parked, we noticed a house with an interesting sign on it BIRCHWOOD  ARCHEOLOGY   We were wondering if it was a shop or a museum or whatever.   I said to Carol "do we dare go up and peek in the window?" and she did just that. I asked her what she saw, and she said "I see a guy". The guy came to the front door and introduced himself and invited us in to show us some artifacts.

He told us all about the work he does, and showed us some of the tools of his trade, and MANY, MANY artifacts. WOW!!!!! It was so interesting.  Most of his work is in other areas of the state and the USA, he rarely does any around Otsego County.

Unfortunately, Carol thought the presidential candidate debate started at seven p.m. tonight, so we kind of rushed through the tour in order to get home for that........and it doesn't start until NINE P.M.!!!!

Anyways, it was a really neat experience, something out of the ordinary........I guess it pays to be curious and to peek into windows!!!!!

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