Monday, May 7, 2012

Weekend away: May 4-7, 2012

Friday morning, May 4th I headed across the state to Lockport, New York to spend the weekend with my sister.  We are in the process of cleaning out my recently deceased fathers apartment, which I plan to move into in about a year.  It's a massive project
As usual, I planned to take my time driving to Lockport, doing some geocaching and flickring.  I had planned my first stop to be in West Winfield, New York, but I happened upon a few interesting places along the way.  The first was between West Burlington and Burlington Flats.  I noticed an Amish woman with her children selling baked goods!

, so I stopped and purchased  a blackberry pie.  Then while going through the village of Burlington Flats, I noticed some old mill ruins along Wharton Creek, right under the bridge.  I had heard about them before and had hoped to see them someday.  Here is a picture:  

I guess I had never driven through the Village of Burlington Flats before, but I found it to be a quaint and interesting place.  There was am Amish fellow on a ladder doing some work on an old storefront. I took one or two other pictures and continued on my way up to Route 20 top West Winfield.    There was another Amish bakesale taking place right on Main Street, and I stopped and purchased some peanut butter cookies.  I also found a neat small diner, which I hope to go to for lunch someday.  I found a geocache on a bell in front of the W. Winfield fire station, and then continued on Route 20 a bit before turning north to find TROYER'S COUNTRY Amish owned and operated grocery store that I recently found out about.

I purchased a couple of items at Troyers and then looked for a couple of nearby geocaches.  The one in the bell in front of the church in Perryville was missing, but the one in the cemetery was there, and in a very neat place.  After that, I got on the thruway and headed towards Buffalo, but I got off at the Pembroke exit in order to look for another cemetery geocache.  This one was not as interesting as the one near Perryville.  And then it was on to Lockport.  I stopped at TOPS and purchased some food for the weekend (mainly ice cream).
     I had eaten so much along the way including a meal at Roy Rogers on the thruway, that I was not hungry for supper, but I did have a piece of blackberry pie with ice cream.  
     On Saturday morning, Peg and I attacked Dad's bedroom and we made a lot of headway.  We went out around lunch time to eat at REID'S and to the book sale at the Lockport Public Library.....I purchased two books and also was able to use a computer to log the previous days three geocache finds.  In the afternoon we worked in Dad's family room closet and we made some progress there.  We went out to supper at Buffalo Wild Wings and it was a great mea
    On Sunday, we went to Peg's church and she was having a Senior Saints Luncheon after church, so I attended that and helped her clean up afterwards.  It was a good way for me to meet some woman who may end up being my friends after I move to Lockport.  I really enjoyed the luncheon which was my very first offical seniors event!  After church we went to 17 and rested a bit and changed out of church clothing and we went out exploring later on.  We returned to the ruins we saw the last time.  Here are a couple of pictures!

We put a new geocache near these ruins, and hopefully it's not too close to any other geocache, so that it will be published.  We looked around the canal area and found another spot for IN HONOR OF DAD, and Peggy is going to
try to do a coords check to see if that spot is available.  Peggy and I had supper at BUFFALO WILD WINGS and really enjoyed it.
     That night, Gail and Mike came over and we dealt with some details of Dad's estate.  I headed for home early Monday morning.  I drove down the west side of Seneca Lake,stopping to geocache and go to the tiny hamlet of Himrod.  I had lunch at the CROSSING DINER before I got to the Himrod area. 
Watkins Glen, New York, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.
The last picture I took was of this old warehouse type building that has been made into a restaurant/bar.

Watkins Glen, New York by JuneNY

 Watkins Glen looked like it had a lot of interesting places to explore, but I just did not have time to look around. Maybe another time.............. I arrived home around 5:45.........very exhausted.  

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