Tuesday, May 15, 2012


This morning Terry asked me if I have been to the FrogPond yet this year.  I said no, and then started thinking that maybe I could go this afternoon.  I suggested that to Terry and she agreed.  So, after work, I picked her up at her place in Otego and we headed towards Bainbridge.

I asked Terry where she wanted to eat and she said that someone told her that a new place opened up on Route 7 between Sidney and Bainbridge.  So, we looked for it, but did not see anything.  We decided to eat at the JERICHO INN, but when we got to Bainbridge, we saw that it was closed and for sale.  We decided to eat at Rosa's.

We had a great meal!  As usual, I brought most of my food home with me.  I had eggplant parmigana with spaghetti.   After that we went to PINE RIDGE GROCERY (better known as the Mennonite Store), and I purchased several items.  Then we went to the FROGPOND, where I purchased tomatoes, parsnips and peppers.

When we got back into my car, I looked at the map and told Terry that I was trying to figure out a different route back.  She said she knew a route, so I had her navigate.  It turned out to be nice back roads, coming out by the old foot bridge in Wells Bridge.   It was a nice afternoon.

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