Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Geocaching Adventure

I met up with Leslie at her house this morning so that we could do some geocaching.  The tentative plans had been to go out looking for old cemeteries for my 500 finds milestone cache.  But, she had already taken care of that and she handed me the unpublished cache page when I arrived.  We changed our plans to go to the Edmeston/Pittsfield area to find a bunch of geocaches.  I had already found most of them, all except for two that I expected to find today.

Our first stop was at CEMETERY WITHOUT A NAME just outside of Garrattsville, New York.  This is my geocache, but Leslie had never found it.  The cemetery does have a name, though, and it is Glendhill Cemetery, but I did not know that when I first hid the cache, because there is not a sign.

Along the way, between caches we just happened to find another two very old cemeteries, which we stopped to explore.  My favorite one today is this one:

This cemetery is narrow and deep, with some very old stones, and some very old trees. Notice that while the name in the middle is QUAKER CEMETERY, it has two a/k/a's. WOOLLY HILL CEMETERY and CHASE CEMETERY.  If I am correct, my OTSEGO COUNTY CEMETERIES map lists it as Quaker Cemetery, and it is on the southern border of the Town of Burlington.  Here is a picture of part of the cemetery.  

Not too much further along the way we came to another old cemetery, which was somewhat more maintained than the Quaker Cemetery.  Here is the sign for it: 

Here is one of the many pictures I took at GROSS HILL CEMETERY.
After that, Leslie found a couple more Jeopardy Caches and then we had lunch in Edmeston.  I know I was going to have a large meal (buffet) with Connie, so I only had an ice cream sundae for lunch.  It came from this place (MooMoo's) and it was delicious!  I plan to take my grandkids here this summer.  
Then we headed towards Burlington to look for a few more caches.  I think altogether, Leslie found eight geocaches and I only found one because I had already found the others.  

We made it back to Oneonta with just enough time for me to get to Gerster's to meet Connie.  The buffet tonight was very good even though they did not have a REAL desert, we had to settle for watermelon.  We joked with the waitress, asking her if we could have a substitute desert like APPLE CRISP, and saying that we belong to The Society Against the Early Harvest of Watermelons. It turned out that the watermelon was especially sweet and delicious and we appreciated it!

Leslie did not want to tell me WHERE to go to look for my 500 Finds geocache, the only clue she let out was "go to Sidney".  I have to admit that I cheated and typed in the coords and brought up a map showing where it is!  

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