Tuesday, May 1, 2012


My workplace closed at noon today so that all staff and our spring interns could spend a fun afternoon together and show our interns how much we have appreciated their help in the past few months.

Eleven of us (Mary, Geneen, Eileen, Carol, Kim D., myself, Vera, Kiehle, Jaycee, Jaclyn and Kim met up at Brooks House of BBQ and we had a great lunch! I had the sampler platter, and brought most of it home with me. After lunch, we went into the gift shop. This old truck is parked outside of the shop, it was once owned by Frank Sinatra!!!
Upon leaving Brooks, we headed to Hartwick College to hike the trail up to TABLE ROCKS. We drove in four vehicles! 
We stopped at the safety office to get a permit and then we had a hard time finding where we wanted to go.  After driving around circles and up and down hills for a while, Mary stopped and asked a student and he told us how to get there. We parked and walked to the entrance and then proceeded to hike to the to a fork in the path. Unfortunately, we chose to go to the right instead of the left. The left hand pathway took us away from TABLE ROCKS and up to a huge fenced in field, maybe they play soccer or football there. There were a few workmen there and Eileen suggested that she would pay them to drive her down the hill. Here are some pictures I took. While there, Eileen found the geocache TO THE BATCAVE. She and I had found it before about two years ago and I wanted to return the joke book to the cache. 

Here is a picture of Mary under an interesting rock formation.  

 Here is another picture I took.  You really get a good view of Oneonta from Table Rock!
On the way down the hill to the parking area, we saw this salamander:  One of the interns thought it was fake!  
After leaving Hartwick, we went to THETFORDS, so Kiehle could show us her car which is there for repairs.  She was in an accident on Chestnut Street this past weekend.  Then it was on to the Golden Guernsey where we all had ice cream.  
TableRocksEtc5_1_12 048 by JuneNYThen we called it a day and I headed for home.  It sure was a fun afternoon.  I felt a bit high from the fresh air, exercise and good company.
TableRocksEtc5_1_12 048, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.

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