Saturday, May 12, 2012

Backroading, Exploring and a Geocaching Event ADVENTURE!

Morning Dove, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.
Today was truly an adventurous day!  Leslie and I met up n Laurens and with my CEMETERIES OF OTSEGO COUNTY map in hand, we set out, hoping  to find an old, small cemetery in which she could hide a geocache to celebrate my reaching the milestone of 500 geocaches.

We headed down 205 to Airport Road and attempted to find a cemetery from the map.  NO LUCK.  Then we headed to Mt. Vision and tried for another cemetery or two.  NO LUCK.  We didn't want to be late for Softball's spring event at Neahwa Park in Oneonta, so we quit looking for cemeteries and headed to Brooks house of BBQ so we could pick up our lunch.  Leslie treated me to a checken dinner and a piece of pie, which we took to Neahwa Park with us.

     This is a picture of the LOG for the event!

 and this is one of several pictures I took of the participants in this great event!  That's Mr.Science in the shorts and light blue T-shirt! 
The event was pretty well attended.  Leslie and I seemed to be the only people there who brought lunch!  We socialized and talked about geocaching for over an hour.  Attending the event brought my cache finds up to 500!

Then Leslie and I headed out to continue our search for a small, old cemetery.  This time we headed towards Gilbert Lake, were we continued to use the map and continued to have NO LUCK!  We did eventually find a very small family plot on Potato Farm Road (at the location of the replica of Stonehenge), but it was not a suitable place to hide a geocache, but I did take a few pictures.  Here is one:

Further searching in the Town of Laurens continued to be disappointing.  The strangest thing was that the map shows an absolutely HUGE cemetery right on Brewster Hill Road, but we could not find any trace of it. So once again it was NO LUCK!!!

Before heading back to the convenience store in Laurens to get Leslie's car, we stopped at KNAPP PARK in Laurens to eat our strawberry-rhubarb pie, which was very good! It was neat to see this dove protecting her nest in the rafters of the gazebo.  We were successful in finding the nano geocache hidden in the little park.

Morning Dove by JuneNY
It was a great day in spite of our inability to achieve our goal!  My full set of pictures taken today are here:

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