Thursday, May 17, 2012

Horses, Amish and more ADVENTURE!

I met up with Carol at the Waltzing Horse Farm at 10:30 this morning so that I could take videos of her riding Mystique.  Unfortunately, it was a VERY busy day at the farm, and the "farrier" (the guy who takes care of the horses feet/shoes) was there and Carol's horse had to be taken care of before she could ride, so I was there a couple of hours before Carol rode.

Unfortunately, when I got my camera out to take my first picture of Carol grooming Mystique, I realized that my memory card was falling apart, and I would not be able to take pictures.  While Carol finished groomng, I ran up to New Berlin, hoping that the drugstore had memory cards, but they didn't.    It was interesting watching Howard work on Mystique and another hourses hooves.  Also, the "horse dentist" was there, and I got to watch him work on Lois's horse for a minute or two.

I used Carol's camera and took several videos and lots of pictures. Here is one:  Then she and I met up in New Berlin at
THE COUNTRY KITCHEN, a new diner which opened up a few days ago.  We both had the SENIOR SPECIAL, half a sandwich, bowl of soup, coleslaw and a pickle, for five dollars. Our lunch was reallyl good.  It is a very nice place, very colorful, and some Amish made furniture is on display.

Then we decided to go geocaching (I just happened to have info. with me) and headed out of New Berlin to go to MILLBROOK PARK to find GONE FISHING, which we had looked for unsuccessfully almost four years ago, but we got sidetracked before we got there. .  On the way there, we decided to look for a small nursery that Carol went to last year.  We did find a nursery, where Carol bought some tomato plants.  The owners have a 1929 Ford Model A Touring Car (three window), that they recently purchased.  I asked if I could pay them to take me for a ride and was told that they will do it for free sometime when the nursery is not open!   It turned out that this was NOT the nursery we were looking for.  But , we have their phone number of the owners and hope to call them sometime about taking a ride in the Model A.  .

 We also stopped at a small winery, but nobody answered the door.  Also, we stopped at an Amish farm/sawmill.   Carol asked about purchasing some fence posts, but the Amish guy was not really interested in doing business since he has to start planting corn in a day or two.   Then it was on to the park where GONE FISHING is hidden.  This time we found it quickly and easily.  Carol said "its too easy."

We thought about looking for another cache, but decided against it.  Carol wanted to try to find another Amish sawmill, so we headed for Parker Road.  We saw a few definitely Amish farms and passed one horse and buggy, and a few places looked as if they might sell lumber, but they did not appear to be doing business.  We went to an Amish home that Carol purchased baked goods at a while back, but nobody was home.  We also went to the feed store in New Berlin so Carol could find out more information about an upcoming  pulled pork dinner.

It was a great, and somewhat tiring day!

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