Monday, March 26, 2012

Weekend Away: March 23-26, 2012

I decided to go to Lockport for the weekend so I could help my sister clean out our Dads apartment. I left Friday morning, taking my time on a scenic route. A flickr friend had told me about an Amish area in the Lebanon and Georgetown areas, so I decided to start out my trip by following her directions to get there from Earlville.I liked this old train depot in Lebanon. It is now being used as a community center. I saw several farms which appeared Amish and a few buggies, but the Amish seem to be spread all over this area, and none of them offered products in their home (at least none that I drove by). The Village of Georgetown was kind of interesting. I stopped at this store, and also stopped to take a picture of SPIRIT HOUSE, which apparently was one of the hot spots when spiritualism was popular in the early twentieth century. I saw a neat, tiny cemetery somewhere the other side of Georgetown. I kinda geocached my way across the state, stopping in the following villages: New Woodstock, Fabias, and Tully. New Woodstock was the most interesting village, but Fabias has a great small general store, where I purchased a piece of carrot cake.

In Skaneateles, I found two geocaches, one virtual and one a real cache.

I arrived in Lockport around 4:30 p.m. and our mothers cousins daughter Becky joined us at 17 for pizza and birthday cake. Her daughter, Susan, would have turned forty that day, but she passed away a year ago after a valiant battle against ovarian cancer.

The next day, Peggy had a short conference, and I spent the morning weeding through various places in Dads apartment. I boxed some stuff up and got rid of a lot of paperwork. Peg came home for lunch and then we worked most of the afternoon on more sorting. We went out to supper at Rizzo's in East Amherst, NY.

Sunday we went to church, then went to 17 and had lunch, and then we spent the afternoon geocaching and exploring. We found the neatest place to explore on Gooding abandoned road, and two old abandoned bridges. All of the geocaches we found were in Cold Springs Cemetery. I particularly liked this old, no longer used water tower. There is a WATER TOWER NIGHTMARE geocache hidden nearby. We went back to 17 to rest up for a bit, and then went out for Chinese Buffet for supper.

The following morning I headed for home. I went through Gasport and found a geocache. I stopped for a neat virtual geocache near Millville which has been featured on RIPLEY'S BELIEVE IT OR NOT and then on to Elba, where I stopped and had a piece of pie at the ELBA DINER. In Jordan, New York I found a geocache in the public library:

After that, I turned on my navigation system and headed towards Morrisville, where I got on Route 20, but then I turned and headed towards Georgetown. Before getting to Georgetown, I went to Eaton and West Eaton. In West Eaton I stopped to take pictures of two abandoned restaurants, here is a picture of one of them: In its former life it was THE CORNERSTONE CAFE.

In a populated place called UPPERVILLE, I saw this Quaker Meeting House: The SOCIETY OF FRIENDS CHURCH was built in l898. I think that was the last picture I took. I drove through Smyrna and noticed that the grocery store on Main St. is still open. I arrived home around 4:30 p.m., thoroughly exhausted!

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