Saturday, March 10, 2012

Richmondville, Summit and Jefferson Adventure

Leslie and I set out this morning for the Richmondville area to find some more geocaches. Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera along.

We got off the Worcester exit and went to look for WHERE OUR JOURNEY BEGINS.
This one is a 1,1 and should have been a quick and easy find, but maybe the little bit of snow we had hindered us. Anyways, we gave up after about fifteen minutes and continued on towards Richmondville where we went to the BUNN MILL hoping to finish up the multi-cache (Jimmy Crack Corn) we started a few weeks ago. Here is a picture of the Bunn Mill that I took on another excursion. No picnic tables today!! This geocache totally eluded us, and we started to get discouraged. We then went to look for DOGGONE, and finding this one took us on some remote, windy, hilly back roads. Luckless DID find this one, though, after I had given up and was sitting in my car waiting for her. After that, we got fairly close to HIGH VIEW CACHE, but I was not in the mood for hiking uphill on a seasonal road, so we skipped that one. Somewhere on these back roads, we found a really strange place. There were signs that said something like LIVESTOCK SAFETY ZONE, and high cloth covered fences along the road on both sides. At one point we could see some deer way back inside this area. Strange....................... Then we went to look for OLD CAPE HORN. The first spot we landed at was a dead end parking area just below Route 10. No luck here, but we soon found the road and parked and walked to our destination where the cache was found quickly and easily. There is an interesting small outbuilding that is leaning that I would have liked to take a picture of.

While waiting for Leslie to clean up the cache container, I looked at the map to try to figure out where we were, and I saw that we were not all that far from the Village of Jefferson. I suggested to Leslie that we head to Jefferson instead of trying to find our way back to Richmondville, I-88 or Route 7. and she agreed.

Unfortunately, T and T's Country Kitchen in Jefferson was closed down, so we had lunch at the HEARTBREAK HOTEL. Here is a picture from the other time I went: I had a burger and sweet potato fries and Leslie had a wrap and we split a piece of strawberry shortcake cake (which was very good).

I showed Leslie around Jefferson a little, since I had been there before (June 3, 2011) and then we turned on my GPS and headed back to Oneonta, arriving around 3:15 p.m. It was a great day!

Post Script: Leslie did a google map (I think) and found out that the strangely fenced in area we saw on Gott Road is Caskey Mountain Deer Farm.

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