Sunday, March 18, 2012

Corned Beef and More Adventure

Today didn't exactly turn out the way it was supposed to, but it turned out to be a lot of fun anyways.

Carol and I planned to meet at the Waltzing Horse Farm so I could take videos of her riding her new horse, Mystique, and then to go to South New Berlin for a corned beef and cabbage dinner at the fire department there. When I arrived at"the farm" at the appointed time, I noticed that a huge truck loaded with hay was unloading in the riding arena. When I found Carol, she said that she had to call off the riding and picture taking because it was going to take a while for the hay to be unloaded.

She said to me "well, what do you want to do before the dinner?". I thought for a minute and asked her if she knew how to get to West Edmeston where there is a small Amish area, which I have wanted to explore. She told me that earlier that day she saw a bunch of Amish buggies all traveling together. I told her that they were probably heading to their Sunday morning church service. She said she thought she might know where they were headed, so I drove and she navigated and we headed down Route 80 towards Burlington. The first thing I saw that I liked was a tiny cemetery. It appeared to be on private land, but not fenced off. Its not far from the road, but a swampy ditch separated me from the cemetery, so I settled for taking a couple of pictures.

Next, we found the Amish farmhouse where the service is held........we knew because of the many buggies parked outside of one of the barns. I took a couple of picturesbut the sun was so bright that it was hard to see the monitor on my camera.

Carol wanted to show me an Amish business which builds small storage sheds. We found it, but there is not a sign for it, and she said that most likely they are waiting until spring to start building again. In Edmeston, I stopped to take a couple of pictures of a second hand shop that Carol is familiar with THE CATS MEOW. It looks like it is housed in an old train depot. There is a sign saying something about there being a pet rescue center at the same location.

Then we headed to South New Berlin and located the fire department. This was the absolute best corned beef and cabbage dinner I have ever had. Corned beef, potatoes, whole cooked onions, carrots, gravy and rolls with butter.
CornedBeef 011 by JuneNY
CornedBeef 011, a photo by JuneNY on Flickr.

Sherbet with vanilla wafers for desert. Drinks included (free will offering).

After we were finished eating, we decided to look around since the area we parked in seemed to offer some interesting things. Just outside the side entrance to the dinner we saw this area: The sign says Village Treasure Chest. I think that is the name of a shop in that residence. From the front you can see all sorts of knicknacks on the window sills.

Walking back towards where I parked my Subaru, I noticed several old buildings. In fact, it kind of looked like if I kept walking I would be walking into a ghost town. Here is a picture of one of the buildings. There is a huge old building that looks like it used to be a mill. I did not have time to go around the mill to see if there are any more old buildings beyond it. Someday......... Also, there was a very interesting garage sale.
Carol found a chair that she likes and she may return and buy it.

We drove back to THE WALTZING HORSE and I dropped Carol off and headed home. On the way, I stopped to check on my WILLIAM YATES geocache just outside of Morris. It is fine. Both Carol and I had a very nice time!

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