Friday, March 16, 2012

Another Cooperstown Afternoon

Terry and I decided to go to THE HAWKEYE BAR AND GRILL for lunch today. I had called yesterday and was told that they would be serving pot roast and talapia. However when we got there, they had changed the talapia to cod. The lemon sauce for the cod was so tasty.

We had a great table in the bar area near the fireplace. The buffet was not as extensive as it was the last time we went, but the desert table looked a lot better. We enjoyed our meal. The cream puffs were especially delicious this time. The red velvet cake was a bit on the dry side.

After that, we went to the local funeral home because Terry was getting concerned that they may have forgotten to call her about the date of her friend Bill's burial. The director of the home answered the door and assured us that we did not miss it, and that it may take place early next month. He said that the clothing Bill requested was purchased for him. He gave Terry his card and suggested that she pick a couple of possible dates and call him and he will try to set it up with the local episcopal minister. I told Terry that I will go with her, and that we need to tell the funeral director that we are NOT going to drive or walk up there, that they will need to provide transportation for us. The last time Terry was at LAKEWOOD CEMETERY, she was with Bill, and when he started to walk down to his parents grave, he fell and broke his leg, and after that he spent the rest of his life in a nursing home until his death a couple of months ago.

We decided to take a ride over to the cemetery where Bill will be buried (Lakewood Cemetery). This cemetery is a series of terraces going uphill and according to Terry after the last uphill terrace, the cemetery goes downhill. I did NOT drive up there, as the road is so narrow and I had no way of knowing if it would continue on to an exit or if I would have to back out. As it was, when I reached the exit gate below the first level where I entered, I found it locked and had to turn around in a very small space. I took a few pictures.

I showed Terry FAIRY SPRINGS PARK, which is not yet open for the season. She said it is "quaint" and I have to agree. We noticed a new art gallery right next door to the VINTAGE CHOCOLATES shop (where Sherry's Famous Restaurant used to be.) Since FAIRY SPRINGS PARK charges $5.00 per person to enter, we decided to check out BADGER PARK to see if picnic tables are available. They are and we plan to someday purchase sandwiches at Spereck's and have a picnic there.

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