Wednesday, March 21, 2012

LEGISLATIVE DAY: 2012 March 20, 2012

My sister suggested that I go to the annual LEGISLATIVE DAY put on by the organization NEW YORKERS FOR CONSTITUTIONAL FREEDOMS. After thinking about it for a couple of weeks, I decided to go. She arrived the evening of Monday March 19th. We got up at 4:45 the following morning and left my house at 5:30 a.m. Before leaving, I turned on my crockpot which had corned beef and cabbage and assorted vegetables in it.

When we arrived we registered and were given these tags: Then we chose seats and then helped ourselves to the continental breakfast. It was fruit, assorted breads, cereal, juice and coffee. The scones were particularly good!

One of the special speakers was Alex Kendrick, writer, producer and lead actor in the recently released film COURAGEOUS. He was very good! The other guest speaker, Congressman J.C. Watts, Jr. from Oklahoma was not able to make it due to fog preventing his flight from taking off in Connecticut. Some of the other speakers were:

Peggy had set up an appointment with her Assemblywoman Jane Corwin and I went with her for this short meeting. Ms Corwin was very gracious and she remembered Peggy from last years meeting.

Sounds of Praise offered some musical entertainment. They were very good!

Participants were on their own for lunch. Just prior to lunch they announced that DURING lunch there would be a Q and A session. Since we wanted to be there for that, Peggy and I decided to pick up a quick lunch at McDonalds instead of choosing something else that would probably take longer. The question and answer session was pretty good.

There was a "straw poll" conducted of the four Republican presidential hopefuls. Santorum won by a landslide. The results were announced just prior to the closing prayer.

After the event was over (2:00 p.m.) Peggy asked me if I wanted to walk over and see the Capital Building. It had been several years since I was there, so I said yes. I think the last time I was there was in l983. I know it was before Christa was born in l985.

We viewed the Assembly Chamber and the Senate Chamber (both are magnificent), saw the historic restored staircase and went to the Hall of Governors. There is a lot more in the capital building that we could have gone to see, but we were both pretty tired. We stopped at McDonalds for a cold drink and then headed back to Oneonta. We made one stop, at Daddy Al's so I could pick up some pancake mix.

The corned beef and cabbage dinner was delicious. I made a gravy out of the abundant liquid. Peggy and I worked a bit on our fall trip plans. I think I was asleep by 9:30 p.m. It was a looooooooooong but good day.

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