Friday, October 16, 2015

Thursday October 15, 2015

This morning Gail and I met up in order to go to the Fall Bazaar at the Presbyterian Home. It was very small, I purchased six baskets (they were three for $12 but I ha a 25 percent off coupon. Then we took three of them to Peggy at Faith Tab. and Peggy gave Gail her birthday gift. Then Gail and I went to the Market Street Art Center for the Joe Whalen exhibit. I had Mr. Whalen for art in the ninth grade. T Then we went out to lunch at TOM'S DINER, which I think is Gail's favorite restaurant. It was a nice morning. The Annual Lockport Care Not Center Banquet was tonight at Salvatore's Italian Garden. I invited my friends Elaine and Mary Ann. Elaine picked me up and then we went to get Mary Ann. Because of new construction (Salvatore's must be expanding) we had a bit of a rough time finding the parking lot. The meal was delicious! I bid on a few of the silent auction items, but could not keep up with the other bidders.
Pastor Wayne Dent: The speaker (Amy Ford) was very good.

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