Thursday, October 22, 2015

Day Out With Carol: 10/22/15 (north)

On Carol's second and last full day in Lockport, we headed north. First to MURPHY ORCHARDS, where you can see and hear a story about the Underground Railroad. This passageway was used as part of the Underground Railroad:
Alexandra Murphy, who inherited the farm from her mother talked with us about the Underground Railroad and set up a video her mother made.
From there we continued north to Olcott Beach and I showed Carol around. While there, I found a nano geocache that I had looked for twice before. Carol found the one in the big tree in the memorial garden. Then we headed towards Golden Hill State Park. which seemed to be closed but there were some workmen doing landscaping. We saw the lighthouse and I took a couple of pictures. I really like this one:
As we left the park, we decided it was time for lunch and a bathroom break, so we headed to the Village of Barker. We had lunch at THEE BARKER STORE We split a ham melt sandwich
and then Carol purchased a kind of large Hershey Bar that we split. I decided to take the opportunity to drive around Barker a bit. We chuckled a bit at the house of the first PRESIDENT of Barker, but were impressed with the very tall apple tree there.
Then I headed towards the stone schoolhouse at the corner of Carmen and Seamen Roads, but we stopped at a very interesting farmstand just before that. Nobody working there, lots of vegetables rotting and a lot of good stuff without prices. We each got a few items and left cash in the box.
And then to the schoolhouse: and then we explored the Amish area a bit, by heading east on Mill Road. We found the school :
and met a man with the last name Shumacher, who lives right across the road from it. He also does maple syrup and is lighthouse keeper at the 20 Mile Point Lighthouse. . Then we found MILLERS GENERAL STORE, but did not make any purchases and then to MILLER'S BULK FOOD on 104. I purchased several items and Carol purchased ham and liverwurst.
And then we headed back to Lockport, Reids ice cream place was closed, no frozen custard so no frozen custard for us today. We had planned burger melt sandwiches for supper, but we changed our minds and I prepared liverwurst sandwiches, baked potatoes and roasted cauliflower (all from the buik food store) for supper. It was a great day!!!!

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