Saturday, October 24, 2015

Basket Raffle Saturday 10/24/15

Becky and I decided to spend the afternoon at three local events, each one having a BASKET RAFFLE! The VFW, Happy Days Daycare at the First Presbyterian Church and the First United Methodist CHurch. Our first stop was at the VFW on Caledonia Street. Here are a couple of pictures. /div>
On the way out I noticed this OLD FLAG DEPOSIT SPOT:
Then we went to the First Presbyterian Church for their basket raffle and turkey dinner. We ran into Marie and Mary Jo and sat with them.
Then we went to the Methodist Church on Main Street. We were disappointed to find out that it was a Silent Auction, not a regular Chinese type auction. It was rather chaotic and those working it did not seem to know how things were going to be done. Becky and I managed to bid on some items. She won two and I did not win any. So we headed back to the Presbyterian Church, and this time I purchased tickets. Becky won two items and I won a clothes basket with a set of twin sheets, pillow cases and a thermal blanket.

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