Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Four out of Five Geocaches/Lockport ADVENTURE

It was a nice fairly warm fall day and I decided I NEEDED to get outside. Chicky is not feeling well, but Mary Ann was free and we met up at her house at ten a.m. We headed out Beattie Avenue and turned on ____________ an a little ways down we found the old cemetery where we found KNOCK KNOCK. Then we headed to Day Road to look for SCOOTER DUDE. We looked for over a half hour, but no luck. Mary Ann suggested we take a break for lunch. We decided on TOM'S DINER, and used one of the coupons from my SAVE AROUND BUFFALO book. On the way out of the diner I saw this display of pumpkins decorated by school children. Then we headed to the new paved trail along the canal and we found three new geocaches there: Black and Red All Over, Just for Kids and Caged.

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