Wednesday, October 21, 2015

OUT and ABOUT with Carol: October 21 2015 (south)

Carol Kraft arrived yesterday afternoon for a few days visit. I prepared a turkey dinner with all the trimming for supper. We had a quiet evening at home. Early today we headed out for a DAY OUT. On the way out to Clarence, we stopped at Home Depot so Carol could check out the microwaves. Then we continued on to Clarence to go to PAULA'S DONUTS. We each purchased a donut to take with us. We drove west on Route 5 and stopped at a nursery/farm market.
I purchased two butternut squash and a gourd. Carol had mentioned that her New York State map was old and worn out, so we stopped at AAA and I got several maps. Near Eastview Mall, we stopped at BIG LOTS to look at the microwaves, and then we went to OLIVE GARDEN for lunch. It took us a long time to figure out what to order. We really enjoyed our meal. Then we headed back towards Lockport. I showed Carol the two places I lived on EVANS STREET when I was a child, Mikes house, Emmet Belknap School, etc. We stopped at the BIG BRIDGE and then went into the antique store nearby, and then to the other antique store next to the Palace Theatre. We went to Molinaro's Bakery and Carol purchased some italian cookies. Then I drove down Walnut Street and we looked at the mansions. I then remembered that we could go into one of them: THE KENAN HOUSE. Presently, they have this: and here is Carol standing at a piano in one of the downstairs rooms.
I showed Carol the old UNION STATION and our last stop was at LAKE EFFECT ICE CREAM. We were the only customers so we took our time sampling the flavors
We settled on PEANUT BUTTER EPIPHANY to take home.

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