Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Letchworth State Park ADVENTURE

Mary Ann, Pam and I met up at Faith Tabernacle Church this morning and headed off towards Letchworth State Park in my new Subaru.
It took us close to two hours to get there. We entered at the Mt. Morris entrance. We got in free due to being senior citizens. Our first stop was at the dam overlook.
and then we started driving on Park Road. After the first couple of overlooks, it started to rain. We decided to do some inside things while it rained, hoping it would stop. We first went to the museum.
then we crossed the road to view the falls and this bridge,
and then we went into the GLEN IRIS to the gift shop. I purchased a few postcards. While at the Glen Iris, I asked a worker where we might find a shelter in which to have lunch and she gave me directions, just down the road. We found a very nice shelter and spread out our bounty, sodapop, chicken salad for sandwiches, chips, fruit and Pam's homemade chocolate chip cookies. By the time we were finished eating, the rain had stopped and we set back out to explore. Next we found the log cabin built by Mary Jemison...I think it is a replica.
Her statue:
and another log cabin
and then we found the District 2 Schoolhouse:
and the Pioneer Cemetery.
Then we headed back towards the Mt. Morris entrance, taking our time to stop at several overlooks. We briefly looked for a geocache at Humphreys Overlook, but my GPS kept on changing direction and was not much help. Here is one view of the gorge.
We also stopped at the Visitors Center, which did not offer much besides clean restrooms.
After about five hours, we left the park and headed back to Lockport. We took somewhat of a different route and arrived back at Faith Tabernacle around 5:45 p.m. After dividing up the lunch stuff we each headed home. I stopped at Lake Effect Ice Cream to try their new flavor something like HE SCORES.....S'MORES before arriving home. Very tired!!!!

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