Thursday, July 3, 2014


Last night, Wendy and I decided that today Friday, July 3rd would be a "fun day".

 We looked over the tourist info. that I have accumulated and decided to go to North Tonawanda to go to the Hershel Carousel Factory Museum.  

First we went to CVS in South Amherst so Wendy could pick up a "disk" that she uses as kind of an inhaler for her asthma/wheezing.  Then I set my GPS for the address for the museum and headed out on our way.

The museum was very interesting.
This is the oldest carousel.  It was raining a bit so we did not get to go into the small kiddie park.

We headed downtown and located the RIVIERA THEATRE and the historical museum.  We enjoyed the museum which is in a former MURPHY'S Five and Ten.  We then had lunch at a tiny cafe just down the street.

This evening I met my sister Peggy and my cousin Becky at THE CUP AND SAUCER for spaghetti.   My Uncle Norman was there and he sat with us for a while.  After supper, we went to a nearby farmstand for ice cream.

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