Wednesday, July 16, 2014


This is the last free day Wendy and I have before she leaves and returns to New Berlin,  After breakfast, I asked her what she would like to do.  She thought about it for a while and could not come up with anything, so I suggested MURPHY ORCHARDS and she agreed.  I have wanted to go there for about 15 years (mostly for its connection to the Underground Railroad) but never had an opportunity to do so during my trips to Lockport, so TODAY was THE DAY.

When we arrived, it looked small and I was a bit disappointed,
but it turned out to be really interesting.  They have set apart a portion of the barn and turned it into a museum that tells about the farms history and spotlights the Underground Railroad.  You can look down and see a portion of an underground room which MAY have been used by the UR.
  There is a short video that tells the story.

In the "country store" portion of the barn they offer mostly jams, jellies and other canned items.
There are many old items on display including many small items for sale.  

I purchased some sweet pepper relish and some jelly (sugar free).  As we headed back towards Lockport, I suggested that we stop at Gordy Harpers Bazaar.  I thought Wendy would like it and she did!  She made a few small purchases.

We stopped at REIDS and I purchased some food for our lunch (I thought it would be too chilly to eat outside at Reids)and we took it back to the house where we had lunch.  

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