Friday, July 4, 2014


Wendy and I decided we needed to do SOMETHING for the 4th of July.  She and I do NOT like crowds.  I suggested geocaching and she said yes.

I baked a butternut squash and put a whole chicken into the crockpot and then the three of us (myself, Wendy and Carrie)  headed out.  Our first stop was at the 30 Mile Point Lighthouse near Barker, NY.  
 There is a virtual geocache hidden there, so I took the required picture and Wendy looked around.

Then we started geocaching in earnest.  The first two were DNF's.  Most likely I programmed incorrect coordinates into my GPS.  Then we found BROWN BUG AND COIN BUNGALOW and then we headed towards MARJIM MANOR.  At first I thought I had programmed in wrong coords, but I followed my instinct and tried a different route (I am not sure we should have driven where we drove) and we found it.  It was a large ammo box, with a glass of wine painted on it, BUT it was locked.  That was when I figured out that I should probably go into the winery and ask someone there to answer three questions that were on the geocache page.  I did that and was given the answers.  Armed with the answers, Wendy and I trekked off to the location of the cache and tried to open the box using the answers, which were 3, S and 3.  We tried several times to open the combination lock using those, but we were unable to.

By then it was one p.m. so I told Wendy to head west since I had seen a sign for an ice cream place and maybe it offered real food.  We were in luck and ended up here:
at BAEHR'S ICE CREAM COTTAGE.  I purchased two italian sausage sandwiches with onions and peppers, a grilled cheese sandwich, an order of fries and an order of onion rings, as well as drinks and we sat down to lunch, which was VERY GOOD.  

It was close to two p.m. when we headed out and towards home, driving through Olcott Beach.  We stopped at a lawn sale along the way and then at TOPS so that Wendy could purchase items to make a cheesecake and a dish she refers to as PINEAPPLE BAKE.  

It was a good day!  I am sure it was much quieter than Wendy's usual 4th of July celebration, but she seemed to enjoy it.  

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