Friday, July 11, 2014

July 10, 2014 ANOTHER trip to "the falls"

During our last trip to Niagara Falls, it was SO crowded and so hot that we left after visiting the Horseshoe Falls.

This morning I asked Wendy to find a phone number for a visitor center at the American falls and to call and find out where is the best place to park,  that is closest to the American falls, and not a real long walk to push a wheelchair.  She did that and came up with an address to drive to, and instructions where to park.

Using my GPS (car navigation system), we drove to Niagara Falls, USA and located the parking area.  Just as we drove up, a guy put up a PARKING LOT FULL sign but we stopped and told the guy we had a wheelchair and he told us to go ahead in. Once inside, we found all of the handicapped spots full, so we took a regular one, and indeed it was a short walk into the park (through a building) and to the falls.

We looked at the falls from the walkway and then decided to go onto the observation deck ($1.00 a head) for a better look.  It was indeed better!

 this one is a view of the Horseshoe Falls from a distance.
and this is the American falls from the observation deck (with the Horseshoe Falls on the right hand side way in the back).

It was lunch time by then so we checked out the prices in the nearby building (close to $9.00 for a hotdog and more for a burger) but decided to skip it.

We headed towards home and since we did not pass any interesting looking eating places, we continued on towards home and had a bit of a late lunch there.

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