Saturday, July 12, 2014


On the way to meet up with Peggy at her house in Middleport, we stopped at a few yard sales.  I found a china rooster (I have been looking for one for a few years) and a great pair of capris and some other stuff.  Once we got to Peg's place we looked through several boxes of decorations  that Peggy needs to get rid of.  Wendy and I each took several items and then we headed to Medina to have lunch.  We checked out three places  and decided on the SHIRT FACTORY CAFE.
 We took an outside table. We  thoroughly enjoyed our lunch of sandwiches, salads and fruit smoothies.

Then we explored a little bit on Main Street.  Medina's Main Street is kind of like a "return to the fifties" since urban renewal did not go to Medina.  All of the old buildings remain, and many of them have not been updated.  We only had time to go into a few of them.  One is a flea market type of place
and the other is a bakery.
Take note of the very old shelving on the right hand side.  
 We checked out the chinese buffet, but were not very impressed with it.  I took pictures of the old opera house, etc.

After that we headed to MILLERS BULK FOOD AND BAKERY (an Amish/Mennonite grocery store).  Then we said goodbye to Peggy and found our way back to Lockport.

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