Tuesday, July 15, 2014


After lunch today,  I really craved some Hibbards frozen custard.  I asked Wendy Hopper if she felt like going and she jumped at the chance, so we headed out around 12:30 or so, with Carrie Simmons.  My in car navigation system took us right there, via Route 104.
I ordered a medium waffle cone with CHOCOLATE PEANUT BUTTER CUP, and I shared it with Carrie.  She was enjoying it so much  that I went up and bought a dish of black raspberry and shared that with her.  After that I got a dish of toffee crunch, and we all shared that!  I would be hard pressed to choose a favorite flavor from those three!

There are some interesting statues in front of Hibbards.  They have something to do with how the Tuscorara Indians defended Lewiston against a British attack.

Then we found two geocaches closeby.  And then we went to the NIAGARA POWER PROJECT.   It has a lot of displays and some good viewing areas of the Niagara River and the project itself.

 Carrie seemed to enjoy riding in the wheel chair lift to get to the other two floors of the project!
After we finished up there, we headed back to Lockport, but driving on Route 31.  When we got back  to 17, I took a nap before meeting up with Peggy and Betty for supper at BURRITO BAY.  Betty showed us the pictures she took on her recent trip to Florida.  

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