Thursday, June 5, 2014

THREE DNF Adventure

I had tentative plans to meet up with my friend Yvette today for lunch in Oneonta.  However, I couldn't get hold of her by phone so I made other plans with Wendy, since it was my birthday!

We started the day out with geocaching/  Unfortunately, we did not find any of the three we looked for.  It was a gorgeous day, though, and I thoroughly enjoyed walking the trails at the Kurt Meyer Park. I took this picture of the creek or river that runs through the park (from the foot bridge).   That was the first one we looked for (A WALK IN THE PARK 2), and then we looked for a nano in an old cemetery.

in an old cemetery, without success and then a final roadside cache that should have been easy, but wasn't.  

Wendy wanted to show me a particular dollar store in Norwich, so that was our next stop.  I purchased a few items before we went for lunch. Chinese Buffet!!!!!  It was pretty good, although not as good as I expected it to be.  

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