Monday, June 16, 2014

East Guilford Cemetery and More

I wanted to see Terry's gravestone before moving, so I picked Betty up (she and Terry were best friends for many years) and we headed out to East Guilford.  As we approached the road to turn on, Betty said her mouth was dry so we stopped at the large convenience store on the corner of 7 and  8 and both of us purchased cold drinks.  We had a bit of difficulty finding the cemetery but finally we found it.

Here is Terry and Claude's gravestone:
Betty cleaned it up and we pulled some weeds.  Then we explored part of the cemetery.  I particularly liked this gravestone: 
It is made out 
of an old mill stone!  I noticed this church so stopped to take a picture: 
It is the 
East Guilford United Presbyterian Church.  

It was getting to be lunch time so we headed towards Bainbridge.  We stopped at THE OLD RED BARN and had lunch in their cafe.  We both had the chicken salad with craisins and walnuts and it was very good.  Betty took most of hers home (she snuck some cupcakes at the convenience store).  During lunch, I suggested to Betty that she might be able to take a bus to Lockport in the fall and visit me for a few days.  This idea made her VERY happy!

Betty was feeling very good today and would have liked to go to some antique shops, but I had a long list of things to accomplish, so we headed back to Oneonta.

What I accomplished today:
dropped of clothing to the Salvation Army box at MOSA, also dropped off bags of papers to be recycled, returned books to the library, dropped of books at FoxCare for them to resell, stopped at Gary's to confirm the truck rental for this coming Friday, vacuumed the car out, dropped off my key to the shelter office to my former supervisor Kim.  Also, I ran into Barb Field at the library and we visited for a few minutes and I told her about my move.  

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