Monday, June 9, 2014

FINAL Cooperstown Adventure

I have to admit, I lived in this area for several years before I realized what a gem we have in the village of Cooperstown.  I automatically associated it with the National Baseball Hall of Fame, which I had already been to once and that did not excite me.......   However, eventually I discovered what a great village it is, and I have enjoyed visiting it over the years.  I even worked there for several years (out of the Otsego County Department of Social Services).

I wanted to spend some time in Cooperstown ONE more time before moving and I wanted to spend a quality day with my friend Vera, so today I combined the two.  I picked her up at 9:30 and we headed to Cooperstown.  Our first stop was at THE GENERAL STORE that used to be Newberry's where Vera bought some craft supplies.

Then we went to BROOKWOOD GARDENS.  Not many flowers are in bloom just yet, but it is such a lovely place. I think Vera liked the birdhouse best.
Then we decided to go to the FENIMORE ART MUSEUM.
 I would not have thought that this would be of a lot of interest to Vera, but she surprised me!  She really enjoyed it!

We looked at the various exhibits on the lower level and the first floor and I was getting hungry and tired so I suggested we go out for lunch and return.  We went to the Otesaga for their lunch buffet.  It was tremendous!
 The price has gone up: it is now $18.00, but since that includes drinks and desert, I suppose it is not too bad.  The hot entrees were pork and gravy and chicken with rice and a delicious sauce.   The asparagus was particularly tasty, and their shrimp salad was as good as it always is!   The desert table was superb today, better than it has been at some other times.  I tried several!

After lunch, we walked around the inside of the hotel for a few minutes, and also sat out on the porch facing the lake for a minute or two.  Then we headed back to the FENIMORE ART MUSEUM where we toured the third floor, which had a HOMER WINSLOW exhibit, which was very good.   We went back down to the lower level to see the Adirondack paintings by Arthur Fitzwilliam Tate for the second time.

When we walked down to the bark house, but we could not go inside.  When done with that walk, we headed back towards Oneonta where I dropped Vera off.  It was a great day, Vera and I had a lot of fun.

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