Friday, June 6, 2014


Leslie and I met up in Oneonta to spend a day "out" to celebrate our June birthdays.  Knowing this might be our last get together before my move, I was hoping for a special day!

Leslie drove and we went to Esperance to go to the LANDIS ARBORETUM.  We hiked some trails and found two geocaches.  Here are a couple of pictures.

It is so beautiful here!  I would have liked more but we had set a time to meet up with Joseph Merli at CANAL STREET STATION in Duanesburg.  He runs a woodworking business and has been setting up an old time village on his property for many years.  

Joe gave us a personal tour and let us into the old time hardware/general store,
the 1940's diner and the locomotive.  He showed us a couple of VERY old Oldsmobiles that he has restored.  He and 2 others drove one of them across the USA several years ago.

He showed us an item he is working on in his shop.  It is a gift from him to a celebrity that he is friends with.  Leslie and I are sworn to secrecy regarding the item and who it is for.  

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